What We Do

Strong Force creates value in dynamic markets by building Innovation Portfolios, strategically developed and systematically organized patent portfolios that:

Our Value Creation Strategy

We embrace early-stage uncertainty and complexity to build comprehensive portfolios of combinatorial innovation in technology-driven ecosystems. This enables us to capture broad value before there are indicators of product-market fit, the trigger for conventional patenting activity. As trends converge, use-cases accelerate, and product roadmaps solidify, ecosystem participants realize this broad value.

The Strong Force™ Matrix

Our diverse competencies, senior relationships, and market-driven approach enable us to see across boundaries that trap others in isolated silos and inhibit the discovery and development of strategically valuable IP. We use our proprietary Strong Force™ Matrix to organize and combine our insights into a strategic array of thousands of potential patents, unlocking a geometric level of creation in areas untapped by other processes.

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